Puppy Flow Request

Puppy Flow Request

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    😎 Thank you for your interest in (Puppy Name)
    πŸ”₯ Lilac & Tan Merle carries cream and Isabella FULL FLUFFY
    🧬 dd coco AtAt Bb Eme kyky nn L1L1 MERLE 🧬
    βœ… 2 X Blue
    βœ… 2 X Cocoa
    βœ… 2 X Tan (AtAt)
    βœ… 2 X Fluffy
    βœ… 1 X Cream
    βœ… 1 X Isabella
    βœ… 1 X Merle
    🚫 Brindle
    🚫 Pied
    πŸ₯ 4-Panel Clear

    πŸ™Œ Looking to get into the fluffy game with an incredible DNA stud? This Boy is it! ​​

    πŸ’΅ $5,000

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  • Triggers must be ONE WORD that is unique to your Puppy (Example- Puppy Name Yolo Trigger- "Yolo")

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    See video for instructions- https://youtu.be/ZFPvmFVm2EM