Frequently Asked Questions

BarkBot is the new standard of communication within the canine industry allowing potential clients immediate information

Specific items and features are listed in the membership section. Each membership is active on an annual basis. Add-ons are available and please contact Customer Support for any additional questions

BarkBot stores every conversation unless you choose otherwise…so if your page is removed all your conversations and customers are still accessible…you can then take those contacts and continue your conversation on your new page.

BarkBot uses proprietary software and processes to integrate your brand, logo, and information regarding products and services specific to you

After choosing the Membership Level, you will gain access to instructional videos and customer support to help you every step of the way!

The first wave of BarkBot users are our OGs… as an OG… your investment into BarkBot is converted dollar for dollar to be used as a credit in Pinerock French Bulldogs breeding program… you can use this credit towards stud services, available puppies, and more!